The Kids in the Grove is awesome! - the staff are dedicated in helping the children learn and develop in so many ways (socially, physically cognitively, artistically). There is so much that I have liked during the time my kids attended the 4 year old program:-

  • The monthly themes and weekly alphabet letters
  • The monthly newsletter so we know what's happening and can talk about upcoming activities with my kids
  • Lots of crafting - my whole wall is filled with all the creations they have made overtime
  • Very happy and friendly staff
  • Great routine / schedule
  • Christmas potluck which was a great initiative to get to know the parents of the other children
  • Ice skating field trip which we have enjoyed so much and the kids couldn't stop talking about all weekend

As every parent I'm very protective of my children so putting them in to care with others isn't always easy but I can confirm that I felt comfortable with leaving them with the West Langley staff from day one and seeing my kids being happy going to school every day says enough.
Special thank you to Sharon, Daniel and Jennifer.

Regards, Susie

Our family have been enjoying the services of Kids in the Grove Daycare for 5 years now, since September 2006. Both, Eszter (7 ½) and Adam (6) started and spent their preschool years with Kids in the Grove. English was a second language to them; however, through the programs and activities the teachers use at the daycare our children were more than ready to start Kindergarten at the same level as all the other students. Today, our family is benefiting from the before and after care program that Kids in the Grove offers. My husband and I are grateful to know that our children are in good hands while at the daycare. The teachers there are providing us way more than supervision. They put their hearts in everything they do. The way they care for them, the open relationship we have, and the trust that we've built with them are just a few reasons why we feel this way.

Throughout all this years Kids in the Grove and its staff became a big part of our family. We are thankful for what they offer, and for all their hard work. The teacher's work is one of the most demanding. They are the ones who are nurturing our little angels while we are earning a living. The teachers are the ones who will support our children mentally, physically, and emotionally when we cannot be there. It is not what they are taught, but the way they are taught that matters. Our family found comfort at Kids in the Grove, and all we can do is to say a truly heartfelt: THANK YOU!

the Nyaradi family

The care that my two children have received at Kids in the Grove has been wonderful - I know that when I drop my kids off at daycare every day, that they will be well taken care of. The staff has been very attentive to my son and daughter's various needs - especially when it comes to my son's life threatening allergies. If there is ever a problem or concern, they do not hesitate to pick up the phone to contact me and let me know. I want to give a special thank you to Terry, Lauren and Kim for being so helpful and making KITG a safe environment for my kids.

Lynn Berreth

We are a family with two full time working parents and for us this has meant daycare – and for us this daycare has been worth it!

At Kids in the Grove the staff has made me feel confident that my child is receiving excellent care. This is demonstrated daily through active play, getting her homework started, having her take responsibility for cleaning up, as well as having a nice mix of down time. The well-trained, fully qualified staff are sensitive and caring to all family and children’s needs. Kids in the Grove staff have helped to build my child’s self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others. There is a nice mix of boys and girls as well as variety in ages. I wish I could see a daycare like this at every school!


Dear Miss Kim,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank-you.

Kim, Angela, and the staff of "Kids" I really appreciate all you do for Alex, Chelsea, and Myself.

Kids in the Grove is a great place. You are all wonderful and so patient with the kids. When I first met with you, three years ago, and told you of past experiences with daycares and I said "Communication is Key", I was so relieved to know that Kids in the Grove has the same ideal and we all communicate so well. I can go to work and know my kids are in good hands. And you all know how I feel about my Babies!!!

Thank-you so very much again for the peace of mind!!!!

Lori Borghesi

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