Preschool is an important component to our centers, especially our 4 Year Olds Class! Our 4's are preparing for Kindergarten!! Our program supports the Ministry of BC Early Learning Framework using a wide variety of activities and key learning tools to aid in the learning process. We also work closely with our home schools teachers to ensure that our curriculum is helping prepare our preschool students for kindergarten entry. Our 4 Year Olds Class students are still learning through play with a few more components added to their adventure! Students will have more one on one time with their Teachers working on their letter recognition, fine motor skills writing out their letters, and proper pronounciation. Our stations provide our students with more kindergarten based learning so as to be ready for their new classes in the future!

Phonics Program (Circle Times)
- students learn to write, pronounce & recognize letters of the alphabet using songs, stories and sign language.

One on One Work/Phonics
-teachers work with each student, reviewing letters using large phonics alphabet practice sheets
-students pronounce/sound out the letter and the word/picture coinciding with the letter on the sheet
-students draw the letter and color the picture

One on One Work/Mathematics
-teachers work with students practicing their sequencing, basic adding & subtracting using toys
-practicing their patterns with toys
-teachers use flashcards to review number recognition

-open-ended art and directed art is available to students all day

Physical Development
-students have use of their school's gym & equipment
-students have use of their school's playground
-music & movement activities are also used in the classroom

Items from our Kindergarten Teachers to continue encouraging in preparation for Kindergarten:

  • Putting on their coats & shoes
  • Putting together their items
  • Opening their own containers, wrap
  • pers
  • Using their own words to solve a problem, speak up more, talk to their peers, and ask questions!
  • Knowing their Colors, Shapes, Numbers, Letters and being able to write them on paper!
  • Know their name and how to write it on paper!

Monthly Themes, Field Trips & Activities:
(parents will receive monthly emails & newsletters)

A Preschooler's Day:

Preschool / Circle Time
Phonics Songs & Stories Show 'N Tell, Share our Bear, Blog our Frog

Free Play
Stations - Art, Housekeeping/Imagination, Phonics Notebooks One on One with Teacher

Clean-Up Time!
Song & Tidy

Peanut-Free, Nutricious Snack!

Circle Time
Music, Story time, Sharing, Felt Stories

Outdoor Play (weather permitting) "Wednesday's School Gym"
Active Play, Fine Motor Skills, Nature Walk

Goodbye Song and chat with parents! (for those students registered for half day)

-----Lunch Peanut Free, Nutricious Lunch!----

Circle Time
Story Time, Phonics, Felt Stories

Free Play / Outdoor Play
Stations/One on One Time with Teacher/Art/Phonics


Please bring a reusable drink container / water bottle, and litterless snacks and items so as to help us support our home school's recycling program! Healthy snacks and lunches please, no candy or gum! Also Peanut Free items to help our allergy friends be safe and comfortable during their stay.

Please have your child dress in appropriate weather permitting, worry-free attire! This allows them to enjoy their play outside in all kinds of weather and their play time inside with all our various stations - art can get messy but it's all about having fun too

Preschool Supplies Required

  • Inside Runners (no slippers please; non-lace, velcro)
  • Change of clothes (shirt, pants, socks & underwear)
  • Sunscreen & Hat (in warm weather please apply sunscreen before preschool)
  • Label all belongings.
  • Snack and Lunch for students


Individual and Class Photos are taken in May before Graduation! We will advise the dates and times when May gets closer!

Junior Kindergarten Graduation

Graduation is at the end of the year, about the last week of June. We bring each center and their classes together as one by holding one big preschool graduation at the Fort Langley Lion's Hall! Parents, Grandparents and families are welcome to attend. A DVD slideshow of the year (designed by Karen Reynolds of Westcoast Web Design) is handed out to our familes!

Licensing/Important Information:

  • RATIOS: 3 Staff - 20 Preschoolers
  • * We are a PEANUT-FREE CENTER!
  • * Students must be toilet-trained however; the use of pull-ups is also accepted, as your child is on his/her way to toilet training! Again, please bring a change of clothes so as in case of an accident; your child can continue their stay & play in comfortable clothing.
  • * Dismissal/Pick-Up; students must be signed in; this is also a very important time and great opportunity for all questions, concerns, discussions about your child.


Items required to register:

  • A $50 Non-Refundable Annual Registration Fee
  • Completed & Signed Pre-Auth Debit Form
  • Parent Agreement
  • Fraser Health Registration Form
  • Kids in the Grove Registration Form
  • 2 Emergency Consent Cards (1 card for the First Aid Kit, 1 card to be kept in the center)

Registration Forms September 2019 - June 2020

West Langley Parents
For all back to school information, go to

Topham Elementary Parents
For all back to school information, go to View school bell schedule and kindergarten gradual entry schedule! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns and/or for more information, please visit our Resources page...

Strong Start - West Langley Elementary
For the 2019-20 School Year, the Strong Start will operate from 9:00am - 12:00pm. Please check in at the school office when you arrive. Stroller parking is outside the Strong Start Center door; vehicles should be parked on the gravel lot to the North of the school parking lot.

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