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Our staff and curriculums provide a world of exploration through education, play, and creativity.

Who We Are

Located in Walnut Grove, British Columbia, Kids in the Grove Inc. is a fully licensed and comprehensive care centre for children ages 3 to 12. After seeing a need for daycare that was convenient for working families, Kim Wishinski, sought out to start her own daycare and afterschool program for her local neighbourhood. What started as Junior Kids Club in 2002, is now a growing community running out of Topham and West Langley Elementary Schools offering pre-school, junior kindergarten, and school age care programs.

What We Do

Kids in the Grove exists to help children and their guardians succeed by providing an inclusive, development led, and fun childcare environment. Using a wide variety of activities and key learning tools, our curriculum introduces a world of exploration through education, play, and creativity.

Why Kids in the Grove

Our care is unique in that we embrace a family dynamic in our daily operations. It is our priority to offer a safe and nurturing environment that supports social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. We recognize every child’s unique way of learning and adapt our activities to meet each specific need. Most importantly, we provide your child with a fun and encouraging setting to build confidence and positive self-esteem.

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Our childcare facilities are licensed under the Community Care Facilities Act. We are proud to meet and exceed licensing requirements by providing trained and educated staff, appropriate child to staff ratios, and a proper facility environment and equipment.


Open your 3- and 4-year olds to the doors of social, physical, and academic development through exploring play, creativity, and imagination.

Jr Kindergarten

Prepare your child for kindergarten using a variety of activities and key learning tools so they are ready for their future classes. 

School Age Care

After school care assists your child in homework and studies while staying active with various indoor and outdoor activities.

Summer, Winter, & Spring Break

Keep your child’s mind active throughout the whole year with many seasonal care programs. 

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Covid-19 Status

To protect ourselves, our families, and our schools, it is important to know how the Corona Virus spreads and how we can best take action to prevent illness in our centers. As an in-person we have developed a protocol for our new normal. Thank you for your patience...


What Our Families are Saying

“At Kids in the Grove, the staff has made me feel confident that my child is receiving excellent care. The well-trained, fully qualified staff are sensitive and caring to all family and children’s needs. Kids in the Grove staff have helped to build my child’s self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others. There is a nice mix of boys and girls as well as variety in ages. I wish I could see a daycare like this at every school!” -Trena

“The care that my two children have received at Kids in the Grove has been wonderful – I know that when I drop my kids off at daycare every day, that they will be well taken care of. The staff has been very attentive to my son and daughter’s various needs – especially when it comes to my son’s life-threatening allergies. If there is ever a problem or concern, they do not hesitate to pick up the phone to contact me and let me know.” -Lynn Berreth

“For both our kids, English was a second language to them; however, through the programs and activities the teachers use at the daycare, our children were more than ready to start Kindergarten at the same level as all the other students. My husband and I are grateful to know that our children are in good hands. The way they care for them, the open relationship we have, and the trust that we’ve built with them are just a few reasons why we feel this way.” -The Nyaradi Family

“Throughout all these years Kids in the Grove and its staff became a big part of our family. We are thankful for what they offer, and for all their hard work. The teachers are the ones who will support our children mentally, physically, and emotionally when we cannot be there. It is not what they are taught, but the way they are taught that matters. Our family found comfort at Kids in the Grove, and all we can do is to say a truly heartfelt: THANK YOU!”

“Kids in the Grove is a great place. You are all wonderful and so patient with the kids. When I first met with you, three years ago, and told you of past experiences with daycares and I said, “Communication is Key”, I was so relieved to know that Kids in the Grove has the same ideal and we all communicate so well. I can go to work and know my kids are in good hands.”

Our Locations

Hours of Operation:

  • School Age: 7-8:50am/2:40-6pm 
    • Pro-D Days: 7am-5:45pm
    • Winter/Spring Breaks: 7am-5:45pm 
  • Preschool: 9:15am-11:30am or 9:15am-1pm 
  • Daycare & Preschool: 7am-5:45pm
  • Statutory Holidays: Closed

21555 91st Avenue, Langley BC V1M 3Z3

(604) 888-2713

Hours of Operation:

  • School Age: 7-8:30am/2:30-6pm 
    • Pro-D Days: 7am-5:45pm
    • Winter/Spring Breaks: 7am-5:45pm 
  • Preschool: 9:15am-11:30am or 9:15am-1pm 
  • Statutory Holidays: Closed 

9403-212 Street, Langley BC V1M 1M1


West Langley Elementary

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Topham Elementary: 21555 91st Avenue, Langley, BC, V1M 3Z3

West Langley Elementary: 9403-212 Street, Langley, BC, V1M 1M1

604 - 619 - 0267

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Ukrainian Homemade Perogies

  Dough Ingredients:  5 Cups all-purpose flour, sifted 2 tbsp, salt 1 egg, beaten 1/3 cup veg, oil 2 cups warm water  Filling Ingredients:  2 russet potatoes and 1 sweet potato 2 Tbsp. Butter ½ cup sour...

Portuguese Roasted Potatoes

Ingredients:  5 Medium potatoes, cut into small chunks Salt and Pepper Paprika 3 Tbsp. Flour Olive Oil Hot pepper relish Garlic powder or minced garlic  Directions:  Wash and cut the potatoes into small chunks. You can peel them first or leace the...

Pancit Guisado

Ingredients:  1 lb. Pork 1 Whole Onion Minced Garlic Bell Pepper Soy Sauce Oyster Sauce Chicken broth Carrots Cabbage Rice Noodle  Directions:   Sautee onion and garlic  Add pork and chicken broth, let cook for 20 minutes  Add the rest of...

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