Covid-19 Status

January 20, 2022

Updated January 20th 2022

To protect ourselves, our families, and our schools, it is important to know how the Corona Virus spreads and how we can best take action to prevent illness in our centers. We have developed a protocol for our new normal. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are doing our best to remain in operation, serving our families, and be helpful to our community.

For our Students:


  • Sanitize after every meal and after each toy is played, as well as a finished activity
  • Cloth bags/lunch kits are now acceptable, water bottles and utensils are a MUST!
  • If students become sick during attendance, they will quickly be separated from their class in a resting area with a staff member. Parents you will be notified immediately. The ill student may return to the center upon recovery.
  • Students MUST bring Inside Shoes!
  • If & when an exposure is brought to our attention, we will notify parents of those students in close contact however; as per Fraser Health and Medical Officer, students can continue attending if they are not exhibiting symptoms.

For our Parents:

  • Daily Health Check Lists will be updated on a monthly basis.
  • If answer is “yes” to Covid-19 questions, child will not be accepted and must return with their parent.
  • School Age Care Students that become ill during school hours will not be okay to return to Child Care for After School Care.
  • Our staff will sign all students in/out while parents remain outside
  • Parents MUST remain outside upon drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon.

For our Staff:

  • Upon arrival to work/centers, all staff must be washing hands and sanitizing
  • Ensure all students wash hands/sanitize upon entry of the centers
  • Sanitize after every meal
  • Staff will wear mask and gloves will tending to a sick student
  • If an ill student is on premises, staff will sanitize any resting or contact areas
  • If a staff member becomes sick during attendance, they will immediately depart for home. Staff may return to work with a doctor’s note
  • Staff continue to wear masks in the center and inside the school confines.
  • Staff will clean classroom, toys and equipment after each program.

Covid-19 Operating Hours

  • Both locations are open
  • Preschool resumes at Topham location 9:15AM – 1:00PM, West Langley Location 9:00AM – 1:00PM, School Age Care 7AM-9:00/2:00-6PM
  • We are also open for School Age Care Only over the Winter & Spring Breaks 7AM – 5:30PM, Summer Daycare at Topham and School Age Care WLE.
  • We have limited childcare space to adhere to social distancing
  • ECE/ECEA Staff are present and ready to supervise


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