Covid-19 Safety Plan!

Because of the circumstances of Covid-19 there are many factors to consider now when attending:

  • Please consider your child's readiness if they have not attended our program or any program as we are not able to provide extra attention and physical comfort if and when they may need some!
  • Please consider that staff are unable to assist with the washroom needs and washroom facilities may be limited due to the amount of students and janitorial upkeep. If your child is NOT potty trained this may not be the best time to attend.
  • Please make sure you have a back up plan and an emergency contact that can come pick up your child asap without any delay!
  • Snacks & Lunches are to be in ziploc bag, NO CLOTH BAGS!
  • Bring water bottles, utensils, INSIDE SHOES (Velcro only, NO LACES)
  • At both drop off and pick up, Parents are to REMAIN OUTSIDE! Staff will sign your child in/out as well as, sanitize their hands upon entering/departing!
  • Covid-19 Questions will be posted on the window and staff will confirm them with you upon greeting you! Please read and respond ;-)
Stations will be set up! Circle time will also be a station with a small group of students and timed for the next group to join... Thank you for your patience and understanding through all of this! We are doing our best to do what we can to remain operating, welcome our students to class, and be there for the community!

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