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What started out as an evening of fun, shopping, fundraising and networking; is now a website! Businesses of all kinds and from all areas can advertise on our site. Enabling entrepreneurs, shoppers, clients the ability to connect to their host, consultants, customers, inquiries faster and easier! For up to date information on the next party, fundraiser, special events, charities, sales!

Network Tree


The Community Tree Fair 2013

Every Ladies Night we have a charity we donate our funds to. This year's Ladies Night, proceeds go towards Canuck Place Hospice! We have a past preschooler in his big fight of Leukemia and is now staying at the Canuck Place. They provide so much comfort and support to the children and families...

If you wish to book a table; please email/text me! We are also on facebook too!

The Community Tree Fair 2012

"We have taken our donations from our Charlotte Diamond Concert and Community Tree Fair; and combined them to make our big donation for the BCCH Miracle Weekend June 2 & 3!! Between our guests, vendors and Kids in the Grove; we donated $1575.00:)

Thank-you to all the Vendors and Guests who participated! It was a pleasure meeting all of you and I look forward to seeing you in November's Fair:)

Ladies Night 2011

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